Talking about the future of your relationship with your partner isn't always easy, but, let's face it, it is necessary.

Most of us want to have a happy, unified, long-term relationship in our lives.  A breakdown in that relationship can often lead to great discord, even divorce. Sometimes the spur is a revelation – of an affair, debt or secret – but the problem usually lies deeper than that.



Advice or extra skills...

Advice or extra skills can often assist. If your relationship has some of the early warning signs, it is time to seek advice. Counsellors can help you sort out what the problems are and help you find ways to try to mend your relationship. Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (family mediators) can work with you to define practical issues and identify present and future needs.

The sooner that you act on issues the easier they will be to resolve.

It is good for couples to learn new ways of relating, communicating and resolving conflicts.



People often get very emotional and angry ...

People often get very emotional and angry when they see their partner has different values, beliefs or expectations to them. We all need to understand and accept that between any two people there will be differences in ideas and expectations and, at times, conflict and strong expression of feelings.

Our relationships actually become stronger if we talk about these differences. We need to find out that differences are always going to be part of the relationship and that issues might have a solution if they are discussed more.

All couples experience problems in one form or another - it's part of sharing your life with another human being. The difference between relationships that work and those that don't is how well couples deal with the challenges and problems they face in their life together.

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